People of Paisley Park promotes the music, life and legacy of Prince by telling the stories of those he inspires. 

Paisley Park: A Place & A State of Mind

Collecting Memories

If you have ever had a conversation with anyone about another human being, you know the purest glimpse into someone's life is captured through friends, family, and observers. When stories are not manufactured to fit society's expectations but come from a genuine place of respect and admiration, the final painting of that person's life is more beautiful than you could have ever planned. Although our painting of Prince will never be complete, each memory we collect adds another intricate brushstroke.

Creating Memories

More powerful than each individual impression Prince made on those around him is the lesson he taught us about the importance of community. Without each other, we would all be lonely purple people sitting in a locked room with headphones on, drinking some peppermint tea with honey, and eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. (Actually, that doesn't sound too bad.) So while it is important to highlight and capture those memories we have of Prince, it is equally (if not more) important to preserve his legacy by continually connecting with one another, loving one another, and creating new memories.

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