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Ask Me About His Life

Fans gather in the Love4OneAnother Room at Paisley Park for a routine, unexplained party, but the atmosphere is different. Why isn’t there any music playing? It’s been almost an hour; where’s Prince? Did you hear his mom passed away last week? I heard the funeral was today; why is he throwing a party and not at the funeral? Why isn’t there any music playing? Oh, look!

Prince drifts down the stairs at the back of the room, pausing on a step in the middle of the staircase. Without greeting the crowd or answering any of the questions incubating in their minds, he starts to sing a Capella

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Nothing But Net

"Takumi said Prince joined one rehearsal where he played through the song once and dutifully stayed within his allotted number of bars, but afterwards Prince pulled Takumi aside and explained that he had something else in mind."

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Wherefore Art Thou Puppy?

"The August 2002 issue of Cat Fancy magazine reported that Prince had named his cat, Paisley, CEO of his Paisley Park Enterprises. In the article a spokesperson for Paisley Park was quoted as saying, 'She is a great boss, she never yells and spends most of the day sleeping in her office. The only problem is she likes to scratch the drapes.'"

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