Paisley Nights: Chronicling the Days of Wild

As the master of cool, Prince, unlike any pop star of his day, would open the doors of Paisley Park to his fans. For close to three decades, he invited fans from near and far to attend shows, to listen to new music, and to dance the night away. Over the years, many became fixtures at the parties as they engrained themselves in the Paisley scene. Returning again and again, these "Paisley Heads" were true blues and their lives have been forever changed by the man, the music, and the community that emerged.

These were "regular" people that experienced extraordinary things. These stories have laid dormant until now. This podcast intends to give them life by giving a forum where the memories can be shared. We seek to put these stories on wax so history will know what happened on those beautiful Paisley nights.

Co-Hosted by Mark Bonde, a long-time Paisley Head, and DJ Dudley D (Dustin Meyer) Prince's long-time DJ at Paisley Park.