Paisley Nights: Episode 11

Dudley tells you about talking to Dave Chappelle about his 1995 Paisley Park gig in 2017.

Mark tells you why he thinks Days of Wild is the best Prince song ever, and Dudley D concurs.

So many stories, So much fun. Hold onto your wigs!

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Paisley Nights: Episode 10

How did people find out about all those Paisley Park parties back in the day? Jonathan Carter was instrumental in it all and can remember the URL to prove it. He has stories on top of stories on top of stories. Hold on to your wigs, people!

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Paisley Nights: Episode 8

Serah tells us that when the light was turned off at The Rogue, Prince was coming. Hear how Prince “fell” for her when they first met and all about the videos she danced in that never hit the streets. This is a can't miss episode with great stories galore!

Paisley Nights: Episode 7

Episode 7 celebrates the birth of Prince and the influence he had on his fans. It also tells the story of how DJ Dudley D became his DJ. Learn how Dudley kept the mix so tight at that first gig that Prince interrupted him while he was mixing to ask him a question.

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Paisley Nights: Episode 6

Samantha McCarroll-Hyne's mom would not let her go to a Paisley Park dance party until she was at least 10-years-old, so she missed out on the early 2000 parties. She more than made up for it later in life as she was able to participate in many epic performances, including one that had Madonna as a guest. Listen now to hear her story and how she met Prince in an unlikely place.

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Paisley Nights: Episode 5

Mark Bonde & DJ Dudley D recap the last episode and talk about the NPG Store in Uptown. Mark is also looking for the "Gold Experience" jacket in size Large. Please let us know if you can help him locate one. 

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Paisley Nights: Episode 4

Deon Anderson got into Prince at a very young age and has deep roots in Minneapolis. She might have "missed out" on some of the events surrounding Purple Rain but definitely made up for it later in life by spending countless nights at Paisley Park.

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Paisley Nights: Episode 2

Bill Wensel spent decades in Minneapolis and saw Prince perform hundreds of times. Hear how Prince propelled his art work, copied his dance moves, and much more in this episode.

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Paisley Nights: Episode 1

The first time is always memorable. Join Mark and Dudley as they travel from Glam Slam to Paisley Park for the first time and leave with the Good Life in their speakers and in their hearts.

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