Continuous Creation

“If he exists somewhere, and you believe in all this, then I would say that he’s behind a console right now and he’s making music. And that’s where he loved to be. As much as he loved live performance…and getting his material out to people, I know that where he felt most at home was probably alone in Studio A creating, and even though that seems a little bit solemn or a little sad he loved being there and he loved spending time there and he loved the sound of tape stopping because we don’t hear that anymore. You don’t hear the sound of tape stopping and rewinding. He’s somewhere, if you believe it, and he’s sitting there with analog tape playing back stuff that he’s cut that no one will ever hear. But I like to think of him being somewhere that he wants to be…and he was always at home there.”

Scottie Baldwin
Front-of-House Sound Engineer

(The Dr Funk podcast Episode 28 11/3/16)

"I remember for One Nite Alone where we had the fans in the front, which I thought was such a great idea because the first 10 or 12 rows would be made up of the fan club fans and no matter who you were, or who you thought you were, you were going to be back (behind them).

So before one of the LA shows Prince said to me, 'You know who I heard from? Wesley Snipes called me and he wanted six tickets to the show and I told him, umm, six tickets? That's cool, it's $900.' And he said 'Oh no man can't you hook me up?' and I said 'Hook you up? Yeah I'll hook you up...let's see, I rented out a whole theater to watch Passenger 57 and it sucked!'"

A few days later at the Kodak Theater Scottie looked behind him and saw Wesley Snipes a couple of rows back with his five friends, wearing sunglasses...down $900.

The Dr Funk Podcast, Episode 27 10/25/16