A Rather Generous Portion of Maple Syrup

Scott Addison Clay shared this priceless story and photo on his FB page:

"For Prince, sometimes breakfast was a bit early, or late, depending on how you looked at it.

One fateful night, Anthony and I were working with P for several hours on designs and layouts for the packaging of the 3-album set for Lotusflow3r. It got to be nearly 2AM and Prince said, 'I need some eggs'.

He had a personal chef on hand that night who whipped up a sizable plate of what looked to be some pretty dry scrambled eggs. They were a bit brown, separated into little bits, and not overly appealing.

'Man, these are some ghetto eggs', he exclaimed after trying a couple bites. 'I'll be right back.' P picked up the plate and wheeled his way in lite-up kids’ shoes from the library where we usually worked, down the basketball court length entrance hall, to the kitchen on the opposite end of the house.

He returned plateless and went right back to work. We decided to dedicate an entire panel to a stellar piece of Anthony’s artwork which featured a glowing purple ball of energy that greeted a lone mysterious figure on a seaside cliff and beckoned to take them on a journey to another galaxy. Besides this piece and the album covers themselves, a lot of the other art would be kept for the fans who followed that beacon of light into the fan club.

Soon, the chef returned with a piping hot stack of pancakes, a tall glass of apple juice, and a coffee. No more ghetto eggs, thank you. I thought it was strange to have apple juice with pancakes, but no matter, it’s Prince, he can do what he pleases. He then proceeded to take the let’s say 16 ounces of golden liquid and pour it over the short stack. It was, you guessed it, a rather generous portion of maple syrup."