The Paisley Embrace

Gail shares her experience at Paisley Park last weekend, where she took in the VIP tour on Thursday, attended the Dance Party on Friday, and Movie Night on Saturday.

"When I arrived back in New York after a whirlwind 3½ days in the beautiful state of Minnesota, it was hard to fully understand what I experienced other than to say I now understand what “Love 4 One Another” really means. As a singer/songwriter, being able to sing in his iconic Studio B was really the defining factor that made me want to make the trip. Recording at Paisley was a dream goal for me so being in the control room with headphones on and singing into his mic was a profound experience. 

So much more happened it left me overwhelmed…I could write a book just about the kindness and love of those who are there protecting him and his legacy. Even though I knew it would be tough, I was surprised how emotional the entire experience was. The Paisley Park staff showed me so much love. They embraced me…they completely understood what I was feeling.

I had amazing, beautiful, transcendent moments but it never really escaped me completely that I was only there having these experiences because he was not. In Prince’s words, it was all strangely beautiful.

I am honored and humbled to have spent extremely special time in his home. He is so loved, and there’s so much love there. That is the absolute truth. I never wanted to leave.”

Gail George
New York City, NY