The Penguin

Counted among the 200 guests at the PRN Alumni Event in Minneapolis on 11/12/16 was a stuffed penguin that goes by the name 'The Penguin'. Turns out he's a longtime resident of Paisley Park.

It's common knowledge that Prince would routinely work long hours in the studio, sometimes for 24 hours at a stretch. As was bound to happen, tired employees fell asleep at the soundboard, or wherever, and someone would take a picture of the sleeping employee with the "photobombing" penguin. The pictures always found their way to Prince, much to his amusement.

Guess the bird can sing, too. On the Sign O' The Times album credits, The Penguin is credited as a background vocalist on Housequake.

He was even smuggled onto the SOTT tour in 1987. During the last show of the tour the crew placed him behind the giant heart, and at the end of 'If I Was Your Girlfriend' the heart came down with Prince on top of Cat...and the first thing he sees is The Penguin. Both Prince and the crew dissolved into laughter.

To be sure, there are plenty more stories that could be told about The Penguin and his adventures. If we hear of any more they will be shared!

Thanks to all the PRN Alumni for their years of service to Prince, Paisley Park, and the fans. 💜