Ghost in the Machine


"Just got done recording a series of purple mixes for Paisley Park. If you go on a tour, you’ll hear them and I hope they’ll put a smile on your face. I made them with lots of love. I know people feel one way or another about Paisley Park being open, but one thing I know for sure: Prince wanted the party to keep going and music playing. And I did this for him.

A strange thing happened when I started. Four buttons on my controller lit up purple. That never happens. The controller is simply programmed to blue and orange/yellow. It freaked me out to be honest and brought tears to my eyes. I stopped planning the order of tracks and just started recording. It came so easily.

Close to 6 hours of mixes and a box of Kleenex later I am looking up and saying thank you for OK-ing these man, and get yo’ party on. I love you 💜"

Lenka Paris ~ 11/7/16
DJ for Prince
Resident DJ at Living Room W Minneapolis-The Foshay