Overwhelmingly Bittersweet and Beautiful

For some I know it may be difficult to comprehend, to understand the mark Prince left on my life and heart. But for the ones who REALLY know me; they get it, they get me, they know the impact.

On October 13, 2016 we paid respect & honor, cried, laughed, danced and celebrated with thousands and thousands of fans from around the world, Prince's family, and some of the most talented musicians ever to play, but most of all everyone who respected, adored and loved this musical genius and humanitarian.

From that day and onward not only will I reflect on the overwhelmingly bittersweet and beautiful experience, but I can now truly and wholeheartedly celebrate the life and legacy of my beautiful Prince.

Prince, you set eternity in my heart....thank you, xoxo

Kim Garcia
Cedar Hill, Texas