Golden Bandit

Moving with a stealthiness befitting fans of Prince, four unidentified men dressed in black hoodies painted Prince’s star at First Avenue with gold paint in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday, April 27, 2016. According to Dan Corrigan, 35-year staff member who has served as photographer, stage hand, and all-around guy in charge of everything, the deed was caught on a security camera.

Corrigan said they worked fast, and surprisingly did very nice work considering a flashlight was their only source of illumination. In fact, said Corrigan, with the thousands of fans that have visited and touched the star, it could use some touching up, and he suggested perhaps they could come back some night and take care of that. Though it was said tongue-in-cheek one got the sense these fellows are held in high regard, considering that no one can dispute how right and well-deserved it is that of the 500 stars on the wall Prince’s should stand out from the rest.

Corrigan took it upon himself in the days following April 21, he explained, to ensure the various memorials, including a guitar left by fans were carefully gathered and turned over to the Minnesota Historical Society.

More than six months after his passing, fans still arrive daily to pay their respects. Just that morning, Corrigan chased down a fellow who had stolen some flowers left in memory of Prince Rogers Nelson. The man had intended to sell the flowers, but after an impassioned speech by Corrigan he returned and placed the flowers where they belonged underneath the gold star.

Prince was steadfastly loyal to his home state and city. And that will never be forgotten.