A Beautiful Place

Journey to Paisley Park

This is the first in a series featuring Prince faithful’s making their way to Paisley Park for Celebration 2017, April 20-23. They share their thoughts and feelings about Prince, his impact on their lives, and what this Journey to Paisley Park represents for them.

“Where do I start? He was my teacher. He taught me so much about music, about storytelling and vocabulary, about being different, being proud of who you are and never wavering. He taught me about positivity and love and to always be the best version of yourself. Prince and his music have had such a profound impact on me and how I live my life that I felt compelled to return to say a final farewell. The last time I saw him in concert in 2014, he said to us all that the next time we would see him would be in his home. I feel like I need to go and to share this occasion with others who love him. It will be the last 'Prince concert' I will attend and it will be an honour for me to be there.

I came to Minneapolis for the first time ever last May. After a few days, I took the bus from Cedar-Riverside and then walked to Paisley Park from the Chanhassen bus station. It rained heavily and I got a bit lost but I didn't care. It seemed fitting, especially as I was listening to '17 Days' as I walked. I left my tribute that I had made there. I lit the candle and said a prayer quickly before the rain put it out. A few days later I returned for Prince's birthday, and there were sunny skies and lots of colour. I listened to 'Way Back Home' in the tunnel. It was very bittersweet, but I made some good friends there. This time, for the Celebration, will be my first time inside of Paisley Park. I'm excited but I know it will be emotional for all of us.

There is something about his frequency that resonates with my soul more than any other musician. After he transitioned, I realized that he was a messenger. He was sent to teach us to love one another. I often wondered what I would say to him if I ever met him and I guess it would be this: 'Prince, thank you for using your God-given talents to make our world a more beautiful place'.”

Winifred Monaghan
Liverpool, England, UK