Dance 4 Me

Journey to Paisley Park

Third in a series featuring Prince faithful’s making their way to Paisley Park for Celebration 2017, April 20-23.

“I am a trained dancer and back in the day there was a time when you would have to get permission to use the artist’s music for the show and pay to use it. Prince would always donate his music to the dance world, and just for that reason I fell in love with Prince when I was thirteen.

I remember one time back in the 90's I was at Glam Slam West in LA. I was dancing and a gentleman came up to me and said, ‘Prince likes the way you dance, and would like to invite you to an audition.’ As the gentleman pointed across the room, just then Prince walked out the door! Darn... I had missed my opportunity to meet Prince...again. Well, the gentleman gave me a card with all the information but on the day of the audition, needless to say I got cold feet and didn't go, which is something I will never live down!

His concerts were always amazing. I traveled near and far plenty of times to see him perform, and his energy was like no other. He was an incredible musical genius. His music was playful, loving and oh, what a great beat to dance to!

I always wanted to go to Paisley Park to party with Prince, but scheduling conflicts forever got in the way. Now I will finally go and bring closure within my spirit regarding Prince. He is so greatly missed.”

Priscilla Myers
Pasadena, California