Purple Hue

I went on the VIP tour at Paisley Park. Wow, what an experience to be in Prince's creative spaces. In the Purple Rain room they project scenes from the movie onto a huge wall. When we walked in he was singing Purple Rain, and up until then I hadn't cried but at that point I lost it.

When I walked outside at the end of the tour the beautiful Super Moon was above, so I lifted my camera to take a picture and the parking lot lights had a purple hue, with orbs around them. The lights were white but looking through my phone they were purple! A security guy that we had met on our way in wandered over and I showed him the glow, and he freaked too. Unfortunately, my phone couldn't capture it with the poor lighting, so I didn't get a good photo.

I was really drained afterwards but am so thankful to have experienced Paisley Park and this genius. He is there and I could feel it. I will treasure it always. Now off to queue up some Prince...

Liv Olson