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Some Days I Feel Tangerine, Some Days I Feel Blule

“'I received a simple, short email from his manager at the time. I saw the email after waking up. Until I got to confirm the authenticity of the request, I didn’t really believe it. Then, it’s hard to describe. Probably akin to what one would feel if one was suddenly able to float in the air. I was also a bit annoyed: the painting he wanted to buy was a gift I created for my husband. I now had to take it back from him.'”

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One Man Behind Many Faces

"As he sat in the MSP Airport, advertising for the album flooded the terminals, newspapers, and online news sites; it even completely took over the Rolling Stone website. Already overwhelmed by seeing his creations recognized so publicly, Martin became teary-eyed when someone sent him a picture of his art on display in Times Square."

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Shards of Inspiration

“I was sitting on the couch in June when I got a message from Prince on twitter with a link to my website. He asked, ‘HOW MUCH 4 THIS?’ I was with my mom who was folding clothes, and I couldn’t find the words to even tell my mom what I had just read when I got an email notification from one of his managers asking if I was interested in a full-time graphic artist position at Paisley.”

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