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Decades Later

"In the wake of Prince's untimely death, Karlen revealed that while he intentionally stopped covering Prince so as not to pigeonhole himself as "that guy who covers Prince" their unlikely friendship continued via phone conversations which typically occurred in the wee hours of the morning when Prince would ring up Karlen to talk about, well...stuff."

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Like Gravy on a Biscuit

"I found myself drawn to this man. Mesmerized by his presence, I did not understand the notes that were being played but knew enough to know that I had entered into something special. That he was someone different and that different was cool. I wanted more, and more is what he gave me.

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Purple Hue

"When I walked outside at the end of the tour the beautiful Super Moon was above, so I lifted my camera to take a picture and the parking lot lights had a purple hue, with orbs around them. The lights were white but looking through my phone they were purple!

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